Louee Riding Areas and Tracks

With more than 10,000 acres at our disposal, the Louee Enduro & Motocross Complex has tracks and courses to suit every rider, no matter their age or ability. 

Please read the section of this website.

Upon arrival at Louee all riders are asked to sign a waiver, they are issued with a map and given a full rider induction. The induction involves explanation of the map and a run down on the rules at Louee.

Louee has four basic rules.

  1. All riders must wear a helmet.
  2. Riders must stay on the traks and off the grass. We do not allow riders to cut tracks or make new ones.
  3. Louee is a one direction riding area. Motocross tracks are anticlockwise and enduro trails have arrows.
  4. Car parks and laneways are srictly first gear slow zones.

We also ask all our guests to observe these other rules.

  1. All guests enter at their own risk
  2. Bikes are not to be started outside of ride times for any reason.
  3. We ask that all parents supervise their children.
  4. Gates are to be closed if found that way.
  5. Spectators are not permitted on the tracks.
  6. Louee is an Acohol Free area during ride times.

Prior to riding at Louee, please download and read our rules, waiver and if you have a child under 18 riding (without parents/guardian on site) our temporay guardians form.

Many thanks and enjoy your time at Louee.