Louee Enduro and Motocross Complex is
Australia's Premier Off-road motorbike playground

The Louee Enduro and Motocross Complex is on Lue Station, a working sheep and cattle property situated near the village of Lue in Central NSW. Louee is only 20 minutes drive East of Mudgee and approximately 3 hours drive from Sydney or Newcastle.

Louee is owned and operated by a bike rider so has all the features you would expect to find at a property that specialises in off road bike riding. Five Motocross Tracks, special areas for juniors and novice riders, 150km of Tracks and Trails designed specifically for off road riding and racing, workshop, canteen, accommodation, bike wash, overnight storage and first aid.

We pride ourselves on giving you a top ride at LOUEE therefore it is helpful that you book in advance. Also, plan your ride. Motorcycle riding is dangerous, plan to have a safe ride don't just hope it will happen. Have a look at our safety and legal page and plan your trip.

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